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I'm planning on doing the [ profile] fanchar100 challenge using my character Wingblade ([ profile] prankster_femme), so until my claim's accepted, I'm gonna post her bio here, then c/p it to the community once it's accepted.

Name: Wingblade
Age: Currently about 2 months or so, but ages will vary during the fics.
Hair: N/A
Eyes: Standard Decepticon Red
Height: Slightly shorter than Standard Seeker
Weight: Slightly less than Standard Seeker
Gender: Female
Species: Cybertronian
Sub-species: War machine
Faction: Decepticon
Demeanor: Wingblade is very lively and energetic. She is also quite an accomplished prankster, trained by none other than her "daddy" Skywarp. A talented fighter for her age and experience level, Wingblade's favorite weapons are any sort of blade, especially the ones that adorn her wings. While she is a loyal Decepticon, her ultimate loyalty is her her family, and any percieved threat to her family and the ties there is quickly dealt with.
Description: She is a slightly smaller model of a basic Seeker, occassionaly refered to as a Seekerling. Her coloring is primarily light blue/light purple. She has two machete-type blades, one as the leading edge of each wing. They can be removed in robot mode to be used as weapons, or used in jet mode to slice through things as she flies. ((Here is lineart of her as done by [ profile] aubby! ^_^ My icon of her is from the pre-inked form of this picture.))
Fandom: Transformers: G1
Relationships (with others in the series): She is the daughter of Skywarp and Thundercracker.
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