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I've seen a few others do this, so I decided to give it a try. I'll be doing a drabble a day for a month, based on the Word of the Day over at Dictionary.Com. I'll be basing mine off of the Ironhide/Chromia pairing. I'm starting a bit late, so here's a few all rolled into one post. :D Let's get this kicked off!

3/1: Masticate

Ironhide’s optics glowed with pride as Chromia tore through the Decepticons on her part of the battlefield. There were few times that he found her sexier than when she was in the heat of battle. There was a fire and confidence about her as she dealt with ‘Con after ‘Con that thought that being a femme made her weak and vulnerable. It was a misconception that she took delight in ripping to shreds, leaving behind mechs that looked as if they had been masticated by Unicron himself.
And Ironhide couldn’t wait to show her again how he appreciated the sight.

3/2: Wunderkind

There was no one else living who knew this anymore, but Ironhide had once been a wunderkind who delighted audiences with his singing. He never spoke of why he stopped, and Chromia didn’t pry. Now he only sung in the dark of their quarters when he thought she was in recharge. She would lie there still, listening, soaking in his voice. Vorns and disuse had changed his voice, but it was still beautiful to her. Chromia cherished those stolen moments in the dark, hearing the echoes of a past long forgotten and hoping for a future that would illuminate it.

3/3: Gimcrack

Ironhide was not a standard mech, nor was his sense of sentimentality. Chromia suspected nothing as he escorted her from their normal meeting spot for their evening energon to the firing range. They often spent time there enjoying each others’ company and competition. So it was a surprise when Ironhide stopped her just inside the range door and presented her with a wrapped gift, asking her to be his mate. There was no doubt in her glowing response. There was no doubt of her pleasure at the gift either, a pistol picked with her in mind, than the traditional gimcrack.

3/4: Gastronome

Ironhide was no gastronome. He had frequented plenty of dicey bars in his day with questionable brewing practices. None of them compared to the latest experimental batch Sideswipe was passing around the rec room for taste-testing. Still, he slid his cube over to allow Chromia to taste it herself so he could see her reaction.

“What did you put in these, condensed essence of slag?” she exclaimed at the red twin. “Even the most overcharged drunks wouldn’t drink these cubes of concentrated ten-vorn old dross! It belongs in the Pit!”

She was also better at convincing Sideswipe of the truth.
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