Older fic.

Aug. 16th, 2006 05:17 pm
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Posting this so someone who can't get into the Slash Haven at the Padded Cell can view it.

It was another normal day around Wayward’s apartment, or so it seemed to Vector Prime. There was a mysterious absence of certain trouble-makers, but the old mech simply wrote it off as them being in the planning stages of some huge prank on one of the Starscreams. Which, of course, was fine with him. If they were pranking Starscream, then he didn’t have to worry about what they were planning against him.

So he was surprised when one of the Override twins approached him, a disturbed look on her face. "Vector Prime?"

"Yes? What is it?" he asked, curious as to what could shake up the leader of the Speed Planet.

"You’re needed at your shelf." The cryptic remark didn’t faze him, but the cross between disgust, amusement, and alarm on her face when she said it did. Vector Prime nodded his acknowledgement to her, and transformed, flying for his shelf. "Those young punks better not have filled my hot tub with pudding," he muttered to himself along the way.

However, it became clear something major was up when he spotted the fabric hiding most of his shelf. Just outside this makeshift tent was Energon Dreadmoon, with a mildly unamused expression on his face. Knowing the Monitor though, that usually meant he was irate. "What is going on here?" demanded the older mech as he landed, transforming.

"You have twenty minutes," Dreadmoon said by way of reply. He pulled back one end of the fabric for Vector Prime to enter.

"They are not to forget this." Made wary by the lack of answers, but curious all the same, Vector Prime entered the hidden area. He stood in shock just inside, though, as he spotted the Insecticons. The three of them were tied up at the back of the area, and grumbling to each other about not being able to transform or access their weapons arrays. Vector Prime didn’t even notice the sounds of fabric being pinned shut with safety pins behind him.

"Seems you three have gotten in over your heads," Vector Prime announced to them, striding over with an air of confidence he didn’t normally show.

"Slag off, off," replied Shrapnel. When he came close enough, Kickback tried to land a kick on his shin guard, but Vector Prime was easily able to avoid it. "Uh uh," he murmured in an almost threatening voice. The elder mech then swooped down on the grasshopper-alt, using his larger bulk to pin him down. With a hand, he reached up to the antennae on the side of his helmet and began to stroke them. Lightly, at first, then with increasing pressure until little mewls and whimpers forced themselves through Kickback’s vocalizer and he was twitching and writhing from the pleasure. Vector Prime then abandoned Kickback for the moment and bestowed his attentions on first Shrapnel and then Bombshell.

By the time Dreadmoon pulled back the curtain twenty minutes after locking Vector Prime in, all three Insecticons were squirming, crying masses on the ground. The elder mech himself was standing over them, an uncharacteristic smirk on his face. "I think they’ve learned their lesson," he informed the Monitor.
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