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Wingblade crept along the hallways of the War Academy, avoiding the security sensors with the ease of experience. The other students were already in their recharge cycles, but she was on a mission. He would pay.

Class had just let out and there was a small break before the training sessions began. Wingblade was surrounded by her normal group. They had started befriending her after they had seen the teachers be stricter with her than the others in the class. Of course, they had no idea that she was the Sparkling of elites; that she had already received some training before coming to the Academy. Besides, she had received worse criticism from the Air Commander the few times he had witnessed her parents training her.

Wingblade wasn’t particularly attached to anyone in the group, though she acted like she enjoyed their company. Really, she kept them around because they never realized when she was manipulating them, taking her at face value. They would never make it far in the Decepticon ranks with attitudes like theirs, but she could always find a use for them while she was there.

That day another Seeker, older, with his wings splayed wide and cocky, approached her. She quirked an optic ridge at him, holding her ground in the semi-crowded hallway. His smirk was just as egotistical as the losers who thought they were already in the elite forces, but there was an element to it that wasn’t present in her classmates. He had the air of a mech who was used to interfacing with whomever he wanted. “Hey winglet, I just got out of body mechanics class and I thought you could help me
study later.”

Wingblade gave him her most winning smile even though she was fuming inside. Interfacing should only be for someone you trusted, and she would never trust anyone outside of her family. “Oh, I’m sure I’d learn more from slicing you apart than you would. Besides, I wouldn’t want to get on the medtechs’ bad side, would you?” With that she turned and headed for her day’s training. Her ‘friends’ followed, grinning and laughing amongst themselves as if she had told some grand joke. She didn’t feel like laughing, though. A plan was already forming in her mind.

Oh, she had known what he meant by “study”. However, she would never betray her parents by having a fling with a self-important wannabe. She would give him a reason to never suggest it again.

Academy officials were alerted to the fact that not all was well by the commotion in one of the student dormitory halls. One Seeker was shrieking as others laughed at him. His proper purple Decepticon insignias were covered with bright red Autobot ones and a target in the same red was painted on his torso, centering on his sparkport. He kept crying out, “She did this to me! She did it!” but none of the onlookers could tell who he was referring to. Eventually one of the teachers led him off to be taken someplace private to calm down, and to have the red paint removed. Wingblade heard about his reaction when one of her classmates spoke about it at the top of his vocalizer before class. Nobody noticed the self-satisfied smirk on her face that was so reminiscent of Skywarp’s.

The officials tried to find evidence of who did it, but were unsuccessful. They managed to get Wingblade’s name from the Seeker after he had calmed down. However, none of them wanted to risk the ire of the second and third highest ranking fliers in the whole Decepticon army. No, they would wait for proof before convicting Wingblade.
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