Mar. 22nd, 2006 02:10 am
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After much wrangling, I FINALLY got a table set up for [ profile] fanchar100! [ profile] aubby tried to e-mail it to me several times and I never recieved any of the e-mails. So I turned to [ profile] tirya56, since we're doing the same challenge set. She tried to e-mail me the code for the table, and I never recieved the e-mail. So I suggested she c/p it to a txt file and transfer it to me over IM, and she tries that, but when I try out the code she gave me, it shows up as html code on the stuff I tried to post it with. Then she sends me another file with it as html coding instead, and it finally works!! Yay!!

So now, I have a viable, working table in my user info section, for all to see. ^_^ I put it there rather than a post because I didn't want it becoming bogged down and lost amongst all the other posts I'll eventually be making on this journal.

In good news, I've finished the rough draft for the next fic for here and having it beta'd before I do the second draft. Also, I've gotten the very begining of a third fic done. Devi? Steadfast somehow got herself roped into the fic. Don't ask me how, I got no idea.


Date: 2007-03-30 05:03 am (UTC)
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So you're doing a challenge set... very nice, my dear. ^_^ I'm doing a set of short stories from the community "30 angsts" on the pairing Kenji x Uriko from Bloody Roar. (Do you still remember them? ^^0) Good luck with your challenge! How many do you have to do in total?


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