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Two jets streaked through the air, pulling off stunt maneuvers that should have left them in smoldering wrecks on the ground. Instead, they laughed and plowed right into the next movement.

Wingblade laughed and swooped around her Daddy, causing him to pull up to avoid her. In retaliation he moved ahead of her, lining up so that she’d be in the turbulence of his wake. The F/A-22 squealed and banked hard to break free, then went into a barrel roll gleefully.

It was then that the young jet noticed that the ground below them had turned white. “Oh, Daddy! Look! Why’s it all white?”

Skywarp looked down and saw what she was talking about. “It’s snow. C’mon!”

“Snow?” she asked as she followed him down. They transformed as they landed, their feet making slight crunching noises.

“Yep. Small bits of crystallized water.” Skywarp grinned as his daughter picked some of the white powder curiously and examined it. She began packing down the bit in her hand experimentally. It easily formed a ball of sorts, but when she tried to remold it to something else it just cracked apart.

Seeing her distracted, Skywarp smirked and scooped up some snow himself.

Wingblade let out a startled yelp when something cold hit her shoulder, spraying back onto her intake and wing. She quickly looked up at Skywarp and tossed the snow in her hand back at him.

“Oh, that means war!” the black Seeker called out playfully. Soon the two were play-wrestling, trying to shove snow in each others’ faces and laughing. Skywarp smirked as he pinned down the Seekerling.

“Daddy! Lemme up!” Wingblade protested, laughing. She squirmed, trying to wriggle her way out. Skywarp laughed and shoved a large snowball in her face before climbing off of her. She sputtered and giggled, scraping the snow off of her face before she clambered up as well. Once upright, though, she began to sway tiredly.

Skywarp noticed this and touched her shoulder. “C’mon, let’s go home.”

“Okay Daddy,” was the sleepy reply and the two transformed and took off, two streaks heading for Decepticon HQ.
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